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The Spirit of the Oasis

We were restless nomads, untamed spirits chasing sunsets, in search of adventure. We found sanctuary in Marrakech: beneath its twinkling city lights, concealed in bustling bazaars. A place saturated in colour and sound, with a unique identity shaped by the fusion of French and North African culture.

Palmaráe is our ode to this paradise. We married French distilling traditions with the distinct flavours of Marrakech to create a new worldly luxury for the next generation.

The Spirit of the Oasis awaits us all.

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Our Origin

Our gin draws its name from 'The Palmeraie', a far-reaching palm grove of 100,000 palm trees. An oasis of tranquility just North of the twinkling lights and bustling bazaars of Marrakech.

Palmaráe is a sanctuary for the spirit.